Toe Finger Trick, To Avoid The Pain From High Heels


This trick will give joy to all the ladies, especially those that don’t wear high heels because of the pain in their feet.


Only one step away to avoid the cramps, friction of the toe fingers and feet that hurt and the pain will stay on the past. The high heels will again be your new best friends.

This is a simple and a very effective medically proven trick:

-all you need is a stick on band (like a bandage) with a skin color or no color

-twine the band around the third and fourth finger, starting with the thumb

-the bandage will fixate the fingers and prevent their division

-by doing this you lower down the pressure on the front part of the foot, which makes wearing high heels very painful

-by fixing it you also prevent the rigidity and cramps in your feet, caused by the pressure in the foot.

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