Treat Pancreas Diseases With This Natural Recipe



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This mixture is used for prevention of pancreas illnesses, but also as a cure. It is very useful for people suffering from diabetes, because it has a positive effect on the stabilization of the blood sugar levels.


1kg lemons

300g parsley

100g garlic

How it’s done:

Mince all the ingredients in a meat mincing machine. The lemon should be minced together with its crust, so it is recommended to use organic lemon.

Put the mixture in closed glassy jar, and leave it to stay for 14 days (two weeks) in the fridge.

How to use?

Take one full teaspoon of the mixture, 15 minutes before every meal – three times a day. It is recommended to drink 1/3 glass of tea made of strawberry leafs, blueberry leafs or cranberry leafs.

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