True or False: You Must Know This Before The Next Time You Put Food In The Microwave!


You’ve heard many times that it would be good to get rid of microwaves. We bring you four things that are actually a myth when it comes to preparing food in the microwave.


Destroys nutrients in food

This is a myth. Approximately every form of cooking destroys the certain nutrient. With longer cooking and on higher temperature more nutrients are lost, including vitamins and some may evaporate too when you cook too long. That is why microwave has its advantages. In it, the food is prepared faster, at lower temperature and with less water which means it will retain more nutrients.


It is true that microwaves radiate, but it is not true that it would seriously endanger your health. Radiation is measured from the highest to the lowest frequency. High frequency forms of radiation can damage DNA and cause many diseases, but the microwave doesn’t have that much energy. They undergo various tests of safety before ending up in stores.

Poisonous food

Most experts say that there is no precise evidence that the food prepared in a microwave is harmful for our health, i.e. more toxic than the food prepared in a different way.


But, you have take in account when choosing a dish in which you will prepare the food in the microwave oven. Glass or ceramic dishes are the only materials of the dish you put in a microwave. Metal, plastic or cardboard boxes or containers are materials in which the ready food is packed, so they shouldn’t be used cause they can cause fire, among other things.

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