Undiscovered Treasure of Green Juice!

Undiscovered Treasure of Green Juice!

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Kohlrabi grows above ground unlike their closest relatives beets. It is extremely mild flavor, is rich in vitamin C and B1, iron and fiber.

A cup can supply the body with a good part of the daily requirement of vitamin C and iron which are in this completely fresh form readily available and are a real treasure for the renewal of body cells.



The lower part of the leaves – stems cut up into pieces approximately 1-2 cm in length, otherwise the fiber could not stop the juicer. The head also contains a very strong fibers that extend from top to bottom, so that the head is cut into transverse slices before putting them in the juicer … do not peel the bark. Alternately placed pieces of stems, leaves, heads kohlrabi, apples and carrots into juicer, finally added water.

The juice is dark green in color, mild and sweet, refreshing taste, surprisingly drinkable, can strain through fine sieve to obtain a clear juice.

Serve in a cocktail glass. The taste is so good that all those who turn a blind eye in front of green juices to be complete, but not entirely surprised – the perfect recipe for those who have not yet met with flavors of green!

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