Vacuum Stomach – Exercise For a Thin Waist And Flat Belly


There is a wise technique that is actively used in yoga. This allows that in a short time (3-4 weeks) not only your inner stomach muscles strengthen but your waist will be thinner.

It is understandable, that once you start practicing this exercise, you will get faster and visible effect. The minimal number of repeating is 5. At the beginning you will need time to keep your stomach muscles tensed. But, when they get their tonus you will need less time to control them.


  1. The starting position: lay down on the ground, keep your hands next to your body, bend your knees and your muscles relaxed. Slowly exhale, releasing the air from your lungs without straining your muscles.
  2. By exhaling, start straining your stomach muscles, trying to tug it as much as you can. Stop breathing then. Fix the lower part of the stomach for a couple of seconds 10-15, then inhale a little bit by tugging your stomach more.
  3. By inhaling a little more, don’t hurry by relaxing your stomach – strain your muscles and keep your breath for 10-15 minutes more, and again tug your stomach more, keeping the muscles strained. If it is hard to keep your breath, make a little inhale.
  4. Now exhale, relax your stomach, do a couple of inhales and exhales, then again release the lungs from air, tug your stomach as much as you can. Strain the stomach muscles, release the muscles up and don’t exhale.

Thanks to this exercise in 3 weeks only you will be able to strengthen your inner stomach muscles, which will lead to flat belly, slim waist and a total figure change.

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