Visit a Doctor Immediately If You Notice This In Your Children’s Eyes!


Unfortunately nowadays not many people know about the eye cancer and it is very important to recognize it in the early stadium. It is very easy with the help of a plain camera, including the ones we have on our phones. All you need is to take a picture of your child, with the flashlight, so that the eyes can be seen and then compare that picture with the ones from this article.

If you have any doubt at all, consult an ophthalmologist, because the eye cancer is a very serious illness that can end up fatal if it is not diagnosed on time. The chances of keeping your sight are high if you recognize it at the beginning. So, be careful with your children.

When the aunt of this three – year – old boy saw this picture, she noticed something strange.


She suspected right away that something is wrong. She noticed a strange reflection in his pupil. When she told to the child’s mother, the mother said it was only because of the flashlight. However, the aunt insisted that the child should see an ophthalmologist.

After the tests, the doctor diagnosed the most shocking thing: retinoblastoma with several malignant tumors in the retinas of the child’s both eyes. After the four – month chemotherapy, they have succeeded to lower the tumor in the right eye and stop the development of the three tumors in his left eye. The aunt’s wariness saved the little boy’s life.

Take a picture of your child with a flashlight. If you notice something similar like these pictures, take your child to the doctor.

If one of the pupil is white and the other is red.

If one of the pupil is red and the other is black.

If the eyes are suddenly skewed.

If across the pupil there is another color.

If there is no infection and the eye is red and tumid.

Every one of us has a camera phone with whose help we can save a child’s life.

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