Vitamin B17 Can Cure Cancer, So Why Is It Banned? (VIDEO)


It has been proven that vitamin B17 helps in the fight against cancer. So why is it banned, why is this information hidden from the public by the FDA, the American Medical Association and the American cancer Society?


People are talking about this, they are holding public meetings, there are even book and film about this. But they are being arrested, doctors who are applying this theory in practice are being prosecuted and the films and books are being confiscated.

The video below shows a cancer patient and her personal testimony regarding the power of the vitamin B17 in fighting cancer. She has had cancer for 2 years, and after traditional medicine and treatments did not make her better, she decided to take things in her own hands.

During her research, she found out that this vitamin is a concentrated form of apricot kernel and, if taken in proper doses, it is not harmful. So she stopped with the chemotherapy and started taking vitamin B17, and after a while her cancer went into remission. When she stopped taking it, the cancer returned.

She took 500 mg vitamin B17 for ten weeks, two times a day, and now she`s cancer free, her 5 tumors are gone.

You can read about the benefits of the vitamin B17 in the book “World without cancer” by G. Edward Griffin and order in online, only at Amazon.

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