WARNING: Why You Should Never Buy Produce With A Sticker That Begins With 8


You have probably noticed the number sticker on your fruit or vegetable, and wondered what those numbers mean.  Well, they surely have meaning and it’s an important one. The first number is actually speaking volumes about the product.

WARNING Why You Should Never Buy Produce With A Sticker That Begins With 8

Such number sticker that begins with the number ‘9’ means that the product is organic. Do you even what does the term ’organic’ stands for? Well it means that that product has been grown in a good soil which isn’t chemically contaminated, and has no traces of pesticides and antibiotics.  Moreover, organic food is much tastier and at the same time super beneficial for the health of our body, as scientifically proven. Remember the fact that we are what we eat, so try to consume only the best food. Try to buy organic food as often as you can, starting with the following groceries:




Bell Peppers

A food sticker starting with the numbers ‘3’ and ‘4’ indicates that those products have been conventionally grown. The conventional farming includes chemicals and pesticides used in various methods for quicker, bigger, and longer lasting crops. When you’re shopping on a budget, it’s good to know which conventionally grown groceries are ok to buy:

Sweet Potatoes




The worst number you can find on a product is the one starting with ‘8’.  It means it’s genetically engineered food, or in another words, food created by machines or people for a muss production. You should be aware of the meaning of this number in order to avoid products with a sticker beginning with it. You should always tend to avoid such dangerous products.

Don’t forget to give your support to the local farmers with often visits to local food stores and markets. If you want to know the origin of the food you buy, join the Community Supported Agriculture exchange. You can always get an organic food from your local store, but meeting the farmer who’s responsible for your healthy dinner is something different, you must agree.

Knowing the secret behind the numbers of your food stickers makes you informed and aware of the quality of the food you consume. So the next time you go out to buy groceries, feel confident in your knowledge and the choices you’ll make for your next dinner.

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