Warning: Why You Should NEVER Re-Boil Water!


-Did it ever happen to you to leave the water to boil and forget it watching your favorite TV show?

Did it ever happen to you to leave the water to boil and forget it watching your favorite TV show? When you take the water away from the heat it cools. Do you know what happens to it when if you put the same water to boil again?


Even though this is very important, this is never taught at school.

When the water boils, her condition is changed, which is normal and a very good thing because the vapor materials are released in gases and the eventual microorganisms are destroyed. That is why the boiled water is good for drinking.

But, when the water is left to boil for too long, or re-boiled, her chemical compounds are changed and then the water could be harmful for our health. This way, many dangerous substances are accumulated instead of being reduced.

These substances often include arsenic, nitrates and fluoride. The healthy minerals can also become harmful when they become sedimentary, like the potassium salts, which can lead to kidney stones and sand if it’s taken in large quantities.

Harmful effects 


The World Health Organization says that the water for drinking is the most dangerous threat for public health because of the arsenic,

Being subjected to arsenic can result in poisoning that depending on the level of expose can develop in different physical effects in time during several years.

The potential signs of arsenic poisoning include gastrointestinal symptoms, diabetes, periphery neuropathy, cardiovascular diseases, kidney dysfunction, skin diseases, even cancer.


Nitrates are everywhere, including the soil, water and air, but, if they are used as food additives, for example in the meat, or if they are exposed to high temperature, like in the boiling water they become very dangerous.

High temperature transforms the nitrates to nitrosamines, which are cancer causing.

Nitrates are connected to various kinds of cancer, including the ovaries cancer, colon cancer, bladder, pancreas cancer, cancer of the esophagus or stomach, as well as many other illnesses like leukemia.


Many researches have been made on the controversial chemical fluoride and his presence in the drinking water. There are many speculations about the fluoride, even though this mineral is naturally present in the water and food in lower concentrations. The fresh water contains 0,01 to 0,03 ppm. But, of the water contains dangerously high levels of fluoride, it can lead to serious health problems.

According to the studies made in Harvard, (27 studies in 22 years) showed that the high expose of fluoride can have negative effects on the cognitive development of the children.

The magazine for environmental health and health sciences, according to these studies concluded that the fluoride in the drinking water leads to lower IQ level at the children.

The fluoride is also connected to lowering the fertility at the male mice according to a new study made in 2013.


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