We All Know That Fast Food Makes Us Fat, And Now We Know Why!


You thought that the fast food makes us fat because it contains too much calories? Well, you were wrong. You will be surprised when you find out the real reason.

We all know that the fast food makes us fat, but we’re still not sure which is the real reason for the excessive fat that came from junk food.

The professor Tim Spector from London, has made a research that lead him to an interesting fact of why the fast food makes us fat.


Namely, in our intestines, there are good bacteria that help us stay thin. But, the fast food kills those bacteria and in that way it destroys our natural ability to protect ourselves from excessive weight, says Daily Mail.

As well, Spector claims that the food that arouses the development and growth of these good bacteria can also influence in a good way on the losing weight as well as avoiding fat and carbohydrates.

This food includes the following ingredients: celery, garlic, unpasteurized cheese, small quantities of black chocolate, and surprisingly, some kinds of beer.

In the last 50 years, the number of good bacteria in our intestines has fallen a lot as a result of the up-to-date and half-prepared food that we all eat. In these 50 years, the number of fat people across the world has also risen, especially in the developed countries, where the junk food is mostly eaten.

Spector has made an experiment in which his 23 year old son participated. He was eating junk food only during the experiment – for 10 days.

The scientists took a sample of his intestines before and after the experiment to compare the number of bacteria. Before the experiment, in his intestines there were 3500 kind of bacteria from which the intestine flora is consisted, and after 10 days of eating fast food, this number has fallen to 1300.

Years ago, our ancestors had been eating 150 kind of different food (ingredients) every week, which is the main reason why we have such different bacteria in our intestines.

Nowadays, we take hardly 20 different kinds of food a week in our organism, which is the main reason for the fall of the number of different bacteria, and for the overweight which is more present now.

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