What Are The Worst Positions To Sleep After Which You Wake Up Tired


If after 7 or 8 hours of sleep, you feel tired, sleepy, your head and muscles hurt, it is time for a change.


  1. Sleeping on stomach

Even if it seems that by sleeping in this position you stretch your body and straighten your back, sleeping on your stomach actually has a completely opposite effect, which you will feel in the morning after getting up from bed. It is very difficult in this position to maintain a relaxed and natural position of the spine. Also, in this way you increase the pressure to the groin and other muscles of the abdomen, legs and arms, which irritates the nervous system and can lead to tension and aches and the muscles. Similarly, the position where the head is capped at hand, which tightens the tendons, nerves are suppressed, leading to pain in the neck and unexpected headaches.

  1. Fetus position

Although this sleeping this position is characteristic of many, however, you should try to make small but significant changes in sleep. In the fetus position the spine is in form of the letter C, which is not natural at all.

Also, in this position the knees are affected and if they are in the same position, the circulation worsens and pain is caused. Also, this sleep posture presses the diaphragm and thus impedes respiration. The pressure on the chest can cause a dull ache. This position is good only for pregnant women because it reduces the pressure on the stomach and facilitates breathing.

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