What Can Happen To You iIf You Use EXPIRED Sun Tanning Cream


In exceptional cases, the sun tanning cream with expired date can cause so called poisoning by absorption through the skin!

Thinking like: “I have a cream from last year, it’s a waste to throw it away” or “what if it’s expired a couple of days” may cost you help, the dermatologists warn.


Consider just how many times you are bringing the last year’s sunscreen cream with you on the beach, then you are thoroughly smeared with it, convinced that in that way you are protected from the sun?

Certainly, you haven’t remembered to check the expiration date, or if you have, it waned over the time and you can’t see it. Anyways, your decision to continue using it isn’t naïve at all. Here’s why:

Namely, recent study in the UK showed that ¾ of the tourists are in great danger of the UV radiation because of the fact that they use creams with expired date.

Unlike those who admitted they have forgotten to check the expiry date, it is astonishing how many confessed that they have checked it, but however they decided to use it, because “what could possibly happen to them from a spoiled cream?”

Although the expiry date of the most sun tanning creams is 3 years, dermatologists warn that this term refers exclusively to unopened packaging. Also, most of the packaging indicated that the expiry date is 1 year if opened, and that this rate applies if you have kept it under specific suitable conditions.

These are just some of the problems that the expired cream can cause:

-If the sunscreen cream is old, the SPF label on its packaging loses its sense, i.e. smearing with such a cream will not give you any protection of the sun. this can cause burns, and as a major consequence you can get melanoma.

-Unlike those in powder or stone, the liquid cosmetics are particularly dangerous if they’re expired, because they easily develop bacteria and fungi. As a result of their application, you can get various irritations and rashes on the skin.

-In exceptional cases, the expired sunscreen cream can cause so called poisoning through the skin. This can cause swollen glands in certain regions.

-if you rub this cream on your face, don’t put it on the area around your eyes, because it can cause inflammation of the eye.

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