What Does Staring At The Phone Does To Our Body


It is amazing, but also scary how much technology has changed over the last ten years. Not so long ago, phones with touch screen that can connect to the internet were just a part of the scientific imagination. But look at the man today.

What Does Staring At The Phone Does To Our Body32

The dreadful part is the way technology affects our habits and our health. Using mobile phones are changing the way people posture, and not in a good way. You believe that holding the phone has the same effect as an eight year old holding his head while sitting.

The pressure to keep the phone while reading is equal to the weight of 27 kg. the virtual model was created by Dr. Keneth K. Hansradzh from the Institute for operations and rehabilitation in New York. It turns out that the posture while looking in the phone is not good for our health, especially when we spend so much time on the telephone. In fact, the average person spends two hours a day in this position.

According to the report, the good position of the person is one in which the ears match the shoulders. Any other posture can be dangerous to the bones in the body.

Solution to the problem may be holding the phone in front of you on the perfect angle for reading and posture.

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