What Happens If You Walk Barefoot Every Day For 5 Minutes?


This is the most powerful acupuncture and massage

The summer is associated with walking bare-foot on sand or grass, even though our feet aren’t accustomed to that. Instead of giving up right after the first step, try to hold on this summer and walk for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

There’s an energy circulating through our body that is called “chi” by the Chinese, “prana” by the Indians, but the point is that it keeps the health of the organism.


This energy flows thorough a system of meridians similar to our bloodstream. When the energy goes through the meridians, all the organs get the energy they need for optimal work. Opposite of this, if there is a closed meridian, the organ connected to it – weakens, and there is a risk of getting some serious illness in time.

These meridians end in our feet, so when we walk bare-foot, we stimulate important spots, actually massage all the organs in our body. This is the most powerful acupuncture and massage.

Even if you suffer from sinusitis, stress, digestion problems, lack of energy, infections, or you have problems with the cardiovascular health, you can get rid of these complications by walking bare-foot a couple of minutes a day.

As the sun energy gives us vitamin D, the land surrounds us with the energy we need.

Start today, all you need is to walk bare-foot. At the beginning, limit your time on 5 minutes, and enhance it every day.

After some time, you will notice that it is totally natural to walk bare-foot.

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