What Really Causes Stretch Marks and How to Get Rid of them!

What Really Causes Stretch Marks and How to Get Rid of them!

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On the market there are a large number of lubricator”, which guarantee the prevention and even remove stretch marks. Unfortunately, studies have shown that creams do not have a significant effect on this problem, because genetics play a decisive role. Only a small number cream can really help you in case of stretch marks, and on what mazet is much more important what you genetics.

A large study, which examined the DNA of 33,930 people, of whom 4,967 were mothers with large post-natal stretch marks, showed that genes play a larger role than previously thought. Scientists have discovered that mutations in or around specific genes ELN, SRPX, HMCN1 and TMEM18 increases the risk of getting stretch marks for the huge 40 percent.

Of all these genes, ELN, or elastane, is usually associated with stretch marks, especially if we talk about stretch marks that occur during pregnancy. Elastin is a major component of elastic fibers, which helps tissues to naturally stretch and return to a original shape.

Too much tightening of the skin is the short and simple explanation (and thereby accurately, essentially), but some people are more prone to acquiring unattractive lines on the skin than others, says study author Dr. Joyce Tang. For example, only 25 percent of men develop the study reported a stretch, while 55 percent of women struggled with this problem.

Up to now were not known genetic variants that affect the isolated stretch said Dr. Tang, who hopes that this discovery could lead to new treatments, designed to encourage the production of elastin. But, while some do not come up with such treatment, there are other methods that can help.

Cream with Tretinoin

Tretinoin is the acid form of vitamin A, and is commonly used for the treatment of acne. However, it may be effective in the treatment of stretch marks, but only if they are young” not older than a few months, still pink or red. One study showed that new moms who are every day of putting cream containing 0.1 percent tretinoin for a period of three months, diminish the appearance of stretch marks by 20 percent.


Microdermabrasion is done by hand using a camera that crystals gently removes the top layer of skin, and thus makes it possible to form a new, more elastic skin. It is important to emphasize that this is allowed to work only serious expert because, although it can have great effects, if it is wrong, and that can leave long-term consequences. Research from the 2008th year showed that only five of treatment sufficient to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by 50 percent. Plus, this is one of the few methods that are proven to be effective in older, white stretch marks.


Laser is probably the best known and most popular method, and not without reason. Although the very best effects it has on fresh” stretch marks, proved to be as effective in older lines. The laser stimulates the production of collagen and elastic fibers, according to a study from 2009, so this is considered one of the better methods. Unfortunately, this is also one of the more expensive ways to solve this aesthetic problem.


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