Which Food Is Best To Eat According To Your Age


The most often advice you can get from the nutritionists is to eat fruit and vegetables, fish and whole-meal grains as much as you can.


But, which of the products you will choose – pepper or garlic, mackerel or sheath-fish, apple or banana depends on your age in many ways.

If you are 20

The aim of the diet: not to exaggerate. The twenty year olds (and the ones a little bit older) can eat whatever they want, but in easy quantities. Don’t make the work of the intestines hard. Most of all eat fruits, vegetables and whole-meal grains. That way you will clean your organism, and your skin will be soft and glowing.

If you are 30

The aim of the diet: to keep the cholesterol under control, because it starts to grow. So, it would be more convenient to consume fat-free food like fish, vegetables and fruit.

If you are 40

The aim of the diet: fight against free radicals that start to leave scars on the tissue. So, consume ingredients rich in antioxidants, which will help you in further heart diseases, and for better memory.

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