Why Are Blood Tests Important To Be Done Regularly?


Blood gives you life. It nourishes the organism with oxygen, nutritive materials and ingredients, which fight against bacteria. But, it can also show health problems, like anemia, congealing and bruises.



If you suffer from anemia, then your red blood cells don’t bring the needed quantity of oxygen to your cells. This happens because of iron insufficiency, which will complicate the production of red blood cells. The soft form of anemia occurs to pregnant women because they have enlarging of blood volume from 20 to 30 %. There are different forms of anemia, like vitamin insufficiency in the organism and the impossibility of the organism to absorb vitamin B12.

-How would you feel?

You will feel like you haven’t slept in days. You will be tired all the time. You will feel dizzy and out of breath for no reason.


The blood congestion is needed so that the bleeding could be stopped. But, sometimes the congestion occurs for no reason. If the thrombus is formed deep in your body, it can cause a state known as deep vein thrombosis. Then it starts to flow to your lungs, by which your life is in danger. The higher risk of blood congestion have the pregnant women, women that take hormonal pills, smokers, overweight people and people that spend most of their time sitting.

-How would you feel?

You will notice cramps, pain and swelling that often occurs to one leg and then it spreads to the foot.


The bruises occur when the small capillary vessels on the skin blow. The elder people are more prone to bruises, then the people with thinner skin. But also, if you take medicine for asthma or steroids you are prone to bruises because they can make the skin weaker.

-How would you feel?

You will notice bruises in purple color and probably feel pain at that moment.

However, in all three cases you should go and see a doctor so that it doesn’t lead to worsening of your health condition.

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