Why Should Garlic Be Eaten On An Empty Stomach?


The garlic is an excellent antioxidant which when consumed on an empty stomach it increases its efficiency. See what it can heal…

Scientists have confirmed that consuming garlic on an empty stomach its effectiveness is increased in terms of natural antibiotic, because that way it is easier to destroy the bacteria.


The garlic contains about 400 active ingredients, it is rich in vitamins and minerals such as adenosine, alicin, amino acids, dietary fiber, vegetable oils, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, iron, enzymes, essential oils, iodine, potassium, calcium, selenium, sulfur and phosphorus. By regular consumption of garlic the blood supply is improved and the circulation facilitated, it reduced the blood pressure and fat levels, improves the health of the heart, and besides all this it is an excellent antioxidant to fight the free radicals.

Cures warts

If the body has nipples or similar outgrowths, put a cut garlic clove on the place and fix it with a bandage.

Leave it overnight to act and repeat the procedure several days until the wart is removed.

You can use the same treatment against ulcers.

Relieves the pain in the ear

If your ears hurt, boil two garlic cloves and dispense a few drops in the ear.

Relieves rheumatic pain

Rub the problematic spot with a cup garlic clove if you have rheumatic pains, and the pain will be reduced.

Cures insomnia

If you suffer from insomnia, in the evenings eat salads full of garlic.

Relaxes the muscles

If your muscles hurt, eat garlic because it has the capacity of relaxing.


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