Why Some People Eat Bananas With Their Peel?


In India, the people eat the bananas altogether, along with its crust, here’s why

You surely haven’t seen someone eat a banana skin, because we are accustomed to eat only fruit and throw away the peel. However, in India for example, people eat it altogether, with its crust.

Why Some People Eat Bananas With Their Peel

While the banana fruit is soft and sweet, the crust is slightly bitter, so it is understandable why we don’t eat it. However, with the disposal of the banana skin, we throw away very important nutrients.

The banana peel is rich in vitamins B6 and B12, and magnesium and potassium. The fruit also contains these elements, but less.

Here’s how many nutrients the banana in relation to the daily needs of our body:

-12% of the daily requirement for fiber which helps digestion and reduces the risk of diabetes.

-17% of the daily requirement for vitamin C, which is an important factor for increasing the immunity.

-20% of the daily requirement for vitamin B6, which helps convert food into energy.

-12% of the daily requirement for potassium, which is important for the development of new cells in the organism.

-8% of the daily requirement for magnesium, which is important for regulation of glucose and blood pressure.

Banana peel is thinner and softer in mature bananas, because by ripening it becomes sweeter and easier to chew and digest.

The banana peel can be left I a bucket of water for a few days, and then use the water to water flowers. This water contains much more nutrients that will help your plants stay strong and healthy.

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