Why You Should Never Throw Carrot Greens?


The green tops of carrot are not only edible, but truly delicious. Leaves of carrots are rich source of vitamins and minerals.


The leaves contain more vitamin C than the root and more vitamin C than any other vegetable. It has a detoxifying effect on the liver and the whole body, and is rich in a number of other minerals that have a positive effect on the whole metabolism and to prevent the development of tumors.

Remove the greens from the roots and store both parts in a bag in the refrigerator. Carrot greens will tire more quickly than their roots, so they should be used quickly.

They can be eaten raw in salads, although their taste can be a little bitter. Consider softening the greens by blanching them; sautéing them with olive oil, garlic, and some of your other favorite greens; or cooking them into a soup or stock.

The leaves do have antiseptic qualities and can be juiced and used as a mouthwash.

Carrot Top Tea

This is such an unbelievably delicious drink and great for detoxifying and strengthening the kidneys. Excellent for anyone suffering from urinary complaints.

– Take a handful of carrot leaves, tear them up and put them in a tea pot.
– over boiling water and leave to steep until the tea is cold.
– Strain to remove the leaves and put them on the compost heap, then place the tea in the fridge to chill.
It will last well for about 3 days if it hasn’t all been drunk before then.

Carrots store best with their tops removed so making tea from the leaves is an excellent use of resources.

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