Yes For Oat Meals! But Be Careful!


Even though the oat flakes are a solid and healthy option, many of the instant products are so updated that they will do you more harm than good.



Do you eat porridge for breakfast?

The instant variations of the porridge are full of artificial colors and tastes. They also contain plain sugar or fructose syrups that totally ruin the good side of the oat.

This ready meal has higher glycolic index than the plain old-fashioned porridge because of its instant nature to be boiled in a very high temperature. With the thermo processing it loses many vitamins and minerals, which makes it less nutritive.

So, if you want to eat porridge for breakfast, you better stay away from the instant, processed and sugary versions of it.

Instead of it, the best choice is the natural steel cut oats. While spending a couple of minutes more for their preparation, it will pay you off by having healthier meal with lower glycolic index, extra diet fibers and more quantity of vitamins and minerals.

Also, the natural porridge will keep you full for a longer period and probably you will like more the texture and the taste.

Of course, if you want a lighter version, you can always add some additional products like honey, agave or maple syrup.

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