You Didn’t Catch The Disease Smallpox? You Will Have Serious Problems When You Grow Up!

You Didn’t Catch The Disease Smallpox? You Will Have Serious Problems When You Grow Up!

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Infertility is allocated as the most common health problem. See what  can still happen  to you…

Children infectious diseases, such as measles, mumps and varicella, can cause various complications in adults that they did not catch the disease in childhood, and that even require serious medical treatment.


Smallpox were observed with skin rash, fever and redness. When  attack our body early in life, that pass with milder symptoms and no complications. However, when it’s occur in adults, it can cause bacterial complications.

It sometimes happens that adults no insights that it is a smallpox, comforting that it is just a

allergies. Smallpox in adults increases transaminases, which most disruptive liver.

One of the types of smallpox, measles, in adults can cause serious problems for pregnant women, the fetus damaging or causing premature in the first three months of pregnancy.

Another type of childhood illnesses that, when it appears in adults, causing serious health problems is mumps.

At men can cause swelling of the testicles, and in some cases infertility.

Chickenpox, sometimes can require necessary hospital treatment, because can cause pneumonia, brain inflammation and joint pain.

Vaccination against chickenpox is especially advisable for women who are planning to become pregnant, and are not catch the disease.

If the mother befall varicella during pregnancy, pneumonia that in 90 percent of cases received,is very harm for the fetus. If a pregnant woman gets chickenpox to the end of pregnancy, there are chances that the child is born with them.

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