You Do Not Need A Cure For Diabetes, You Can Do It Yourself With Only Two Ingredients


Diabetes is known to be an incurable disease, however, there are many different homemade remedies which can control it and maintain it in normal level.


People that suffer from diabetes need to keep their blood sugar levels at normal range so that they can function properly. For that reason, it is significant to maintain a healthy diet and also use prescribed or natural medications to relieve the symptoms. We will offer you a homemade and natural remedy for this condition.


-6 lemons;
-300 gr of celery root.

How to prepare it: wash the celery and grate its root. Then put it into an enamel pot that must not be damaged. Afterwards, squeeze the lemon juice, close the pot and put it in a bigger one which has been previously filled with water. Put a medium heat on and wait until the water in the bigger pots starts boiling. When that happens, reduce the heat and simmer on low heat for 2 hours. When done cooking, remove both the pots from the heat and do not open the smaller one until it completely cools off. When done, put the mixture in a glass jar, close it tightly and store in the fridge.

Dosage: drink 1 tbsp. of it each morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast. This mixture should be enough for 2 months. In just 2 months, your blood sugar levels will be normalized.


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