You Just Washed Your Hair But It’s Itching? There Are Dangerous Consequences You Must Prevent!


The hair has its cycle of growing. If the skin on the head is not healthy, this cycle is ruined and leads to hair fall and slow growth.

If you don’t wash your hair regularly, it is normal that the skin on the head is itching, but it is not normal to itch just washed hair. This itching is caused by different reasons.

In most cases it occurs during the winter period, but this occurrence if it is not treated, it can continue until the summer. The main reason is the dry and cold air and the symptoms are itching and dandruff.

Speaking of the consequences, the often itching can lead to root damage, slow down the growth process and damage the quality of the hair.


If this condition last and is not cured, it can lead to skin inflammation on the head and permanent hair loss.

Before being too afraid, and start counting the lost hair, you should know you are not the only one, not even one in a few, this is an occurrence that often happens to many people.

So, that is why regular washing is recommended, but you should not exaggerate with that also so that your skin is not irritated from many chemicals.

Having dandruff besides washing regularly can also happen, so in that case start using anti dandruff shampoo.

However, it is best to consult a dermatologist if you notice that this happens too often and if you can not succeed to calm down the irritation and the itching with the help of the standard shampoos.

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