You Put The Eggs on The Door of The Fridge? – Don’t! Here’s Why!

You Put The Eggs on The Door of The Fridge? – Don’t! Here’s Why!

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In the fruit season have in mind that the peaches, plums and pears should’t be near the vegetables because they release gasses that speed the process of rotting of the vegetables.

If you want your victuals to be fresh for a longer time, you should’t just put them in the fridge and think that the problem is solved.


Believe it or not, it is very important on which place you keep them in the fridge. Pay special attention on the breakable ones.

To prevent bacteria spreading the temperature in the fridge should be from 0 to 4 degrees.

In the upper part of the fridge the temperature is the most stable, so keep the leftovers, drinks, fresh spices and victuals on that part ready to use every time.

The door of the fridge is the “warmest” part, so keep the products with natural preservatives.

Don’t keep the milk products and eggs on the door under no circumstances. No matter the fact that many fridges have predicted place for eggs on their door, don’t follow those steps.

You can keep the mayonnaise and the juice on the door.

Lower shelves are the coldest so keep the eggs and milk products there.

Don’t put bread in the fridge. Besides that be careful hat there is enough space in the fridge for air drift.

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