You’ll be Surprised by How Much Benefit Can be Cucumbers For You


Cucumbers are rich with vitamins, contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folic acid, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. This vegetable, despite eating as salad  have other applications that may not have been known.

You feel tired at afternoon? Instead  coffee, take a cucumber. Because it is rich with B vitamins and carbohydrates provides “quick awakening”, which usually lasts for hours.


You trying to adjust diet and lose some weight, but evening hunger you can’t survive? Instead of any meal, take a cucumber.

The mirror in the bathroom is clouded by steam? Take a slice of cucumber and rub the mirror with it. It will be clean instantly , and discharged  beautiful aroma.

Fast and easy way to remove cellulite before you wear panties? Rub the skin with slice of cucumber a few minutes. Photochemical composition helps skin collagen to tighten, thus reinforces  the outer layer of the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. This also help and for wrinkles.

Looking for a natural way to clean the faucet, sinks or stainless steel? With slice of cucumber rub the surface you want to clean, and not only to clear the site, but will come back and glow, and you will not be dealing with chemicals that are harmful to your health.

You’ve gone too far with alcohol? Before you go to sleep eat cucumber which is contains B vitamins, sugars and electrolytes, and that help to renew your essential substances that the body lost, and you will not have a headache and  morning hangover

You want to freshen the breath,but you haven’t  gum, candy, etc. Slice of cucumber keep pressed with the language on the upper part of the mouth for 30 seconds-the photochemical composition will neutralize the bacterias which are responsible for bad breath.

Shiny shoes? You have no products for cleaning the shoes,but  here comes the cucumber for help. Rub the surface of the shoes with a piece of cucumber and its ingredients will keep the shine on the shoes a few hours.

Stressful day? You  have not time for massage or visit the spa? Cut one cucumber and place it in a container to boil. The aroma that emanates is very comfortable and relaxing, and helps to reduce the stress.

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